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Prospective Students

Ready to learn more about what it takes to #BeATerp? You're in the right place! We are here to help guide you through the University of Maryland (UMD) application and admission process.

Learn how to apply to UMD

Prospective Students


Get started on the right track, right from the beginning. Use the information on this page to understand exactly what you need to begin your journey to UMD.

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If you are a high school student or student with fewer than 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours of university-level credit beyond secondary school, then you are considered a freshman applicant. Take advantage of the following resources to learn more.

It's never too early to start preparing for college. As you progress through your high school career, look for opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, expand upon your non-academic interests and/or to get involved in your community. These are the types of things, along with a distinctive essay, that will help you stand out to our Admission Committee.

Freshman Profile

For the Fall 2024 freshman class, we received just over 60,000 applications for a class of 4,800. Due to UMD's test-optional policy, applicants were able to indicate whether they would submit standardized test scores for consideration in their application review. Admitted freshmen earned primarily As and Bs in a rigorous curriculum.


Applications received for a class of 4,800 for Fall 2024.

A's or B's

Primarily earned in a rigorous curriculum.

Application Deadlines

U.S. Students

Early Action Deadline

November 1

Regular Deadline

January 20

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If you are a high school graduate who, at the time of applying, have completed at least 12 semester or 18 quarter hours after high school graduation at a regionally accredited college or university, then you are considered a transfer applicant. Take advantage of the following resources to learn more.

As a transfer student, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of UMD's transfer student resources which include academic planning, major and career exploration, and estimating when you’ll graduate from UMD.

Transfer Profile

For the Fall 2024 transfer class, we received more than 4,800 applications for a class of 1,850. Our most successful transfer students have a B average or better and have completed an English composition course that satisfies the university’s fundamental studies academic writing requirement and a college-level math course that satisfies the university’s fundamental studies math requirement.


Applications received for a class of 1,850 for Fall 2024

B average or better

Earned by our most successful transfer students.

Application Deadlines

U.S. Students

Fall Early Action Deadline

March 1

Spring Early Action Deadline

August 1

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Freshman and transfer students are considered international applicants if they are non-U.S. citizens or non-permanent U.S. residents.

In addition to the freshman or transfer applicant requirements, international students must also satisfy international specific requirements such as English language proficiency and non-U.S. academic credential evaluations.

Please refer to the appropriate application deadline based on the semester you intend to enroll and whether you are applying as a freshman or transfer student.


International students across campus.


Countries represented at UMD.

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UMD at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) applicants are students with approximately 60 transferable university-level credits who are interested in earning a UMD degree at the Shady Grove location.

UMD students studying at our Shady Grove location still have all of the benefits of being a Terp while enjoying a smaller campus environment.


Nearly 4,000 students attend programs at USG each year.


UMD majors at USG.

Application Deadlines

Fall Application Deadline

June 1

Spring Application Deadline

November 15


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We understand no two applicants are the same and not every applicant fits neatly into the category of freshmen or transfer student. That is why we will consider your specific circumstances through an application process developed just for you.


You can only learn so much about a school from a website. Even if we tell you how beautiful our campus is, or how fantastic our students and faculty are, you will not know for yourself until you experience it for yourself!

View upcoming tours and information sessions on our calendar.


Unable to make it to campus? Explore our beautiful campus from anywhere in the world!