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Shady Grove Terp Transfer Partnership

Shady Grove Terp Transfer Partnership

The Terp Transfer Partnership (TTP) is designed to benefit you while you are still enrolled at one of the partner institutions, Montgomery College or Frederick Community College, and will create a seamless pathway to one of the University of Maryland (UMD) programs offered at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). If you have at least one semester left at a partner institution and want to gain early access to advising, workshops and events related to your UMD program at USG, the TTP program is a great option for you!

You will complete the TTP program while finishing your associate degree at Montgomery College or Frederick Community College. While enrolled in the TTP program, you are eligible to take early advantage of USG's modern campus, focused student body and convenience to home and work. Depending on your intended major, you will also be able to receive access to exclusive TTP benefits such as:

  • Priority advising with UMD program representatives.
  • Pre-transfer advising to ensure that you are taking the correct classes at your partner instituion.
  • Early academic advising on UMD program requirements.
  • Early access to USG student services, supporting TTP students in the following Transfer Readiness Zones:
    • Academic Readiness
    • Career Readiness
    • Personal Success

If you are planning to complete your Montgomery College or Frederick Community College course(s) this semester and intend to transfer to one of the UMD programs offered at USG for the upcoming semester, please complete the application. The application will become available in early February.

Apply here to transfer to one of UMD programs offered at Shady Grove