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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) is committed to the university’s efforts to foster an inclusive, equitable and diverse environment for our campus community.

OUA’s recruitment process includes intentional outreach and support to prospective students, family members, school counselors, community-based organizations and faith-based organizations who are assisting students through the college application process.

With focus on the responsibility as the state’s flagship university, much of this comprehensive effort takes place in the Maryland region. In order to facilitate diversity efforts in the recruitment and enrollment strategy, enhanced efforts focus on Baltimore City and Prince George’s counties. Examples include:

  • The Prince George’s County Partnership connects OUA, the Office of the President and other campus entities with the Prince George’s County Office of College Readiness. Through this partnership, inroads have been created which allow direct and consistent interaction with school counselors and prospective students in order to facilitate the recruitment and admission process for students from the county.
  • Maryland Ascent Program is designed to help select first-generation college students from Prince George's County, Baltimore City, and select Baltimore County public schools to navigate the complex world of college admission. OUA hosts a series of events to provide individualized assistance to student and parent participants, including workshops on the application process, essay and resume writing, and financial aid guidance to assist these students and their families with the admission process.
  • EDGE at UMD is typically an overnight stay program aimed at engaging newly admitted Black/African American and Latinx students, however, this program was held virtually in 2021. The program includes participation from current UMD students, alumni, staff and faculty.
  • College Access Conference, held virtually in 2021 but typically an in-person experience, provides first-generation and underrepresented 10th and 11th grade students and their families with a variety of presentations that provide them guidance about the college search and application process.
  • Community Based Organization Outreach allows OUA staff to develop relationships and provide assistance to these organizations which assist students in their navigation of the college application and admission process.
  • School Counselor Outreach allows OUA staff to provide professional development, build relationships with, and influence perceptions of those school counselors who are positioned to influence students’ college application decisions.