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Freshman Application FAQs

Review these frequently asked questions about completing your freshman application before contacting the University of Maryland (UMD) Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Q: How can I apply to UMD?

Freshman students applying to UMD can do so using either the Common App or MyCoalition.

Q: When can I begin to use the Common App or MyCoalition?

You can begin the profile section of the Common App or MyCoalition at any point in your high school career. When you are ready to apply, you can access and complete the UMD application through either platform. The UMD application becomes available in early August of every year.

Q: How do I share my profile information with UMD?

To share your contact information with UMD through the Common App or MyCoalition, you must first create an account, opt-in to receiving messages from colleges and add UMD to your colleges list. Information entered in your profile will later be incorporated directly into your college application(s) when you begin the application process. 

Q: Who should I contact if I'm experiencing technical challenges with the Common App or MyCoalition?

Students experiencing challenges with the Common App platform, account creation and/or password issues should seek assistance via the Common App's Solutions Center.

MyCoalition account creation, password issues and any challenges with the MyCoalition platform and tools should be directed to the Coalition via their ticketing system, or by using their in-platform help features. 

UMD application process and status questions should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via email

Q: What essay questions will UMD use on the application?

Applicants can choose from a selection of essay questions. Please visit our Essay Questions page for more information.

Q: When is the application deadline?

The freshman early action deadline for fall admission is November 1. Early action applicants will receive priority consideration for admission to the university, merit-based scholarships and special programs. A complete listing of application deadlines is available on our Deadlines page.

Q: Is the early action deadline binding? If I’m admitted, when do I have to confirm my enrollment?

The November 1 early action deadline is non-binding. Admitted students have until May 1 to confirm their enrollment at UMD.

Q: What happens if my application is incomplete by the early action deadline? What about the regular deadline?

If you are unable to complete your application by the early action deadline, you can still be considered for admission if you submit a completed application and all required materials by the regular deadline which is January 20.

Applications completed after the regular application deadline will only be reviewed on a rolling, space-available basis.

Q: How does UMD review applications for admission?

The undergraduate admissions process is rigorous and individualized. UMD employs a holistic review process that utilizes 26 unique review factors.

Q: What does a competitive freshman applicant look like?

Admitted freshman students have a strong A-/B+ or better average in their high school coursework and are enrolled in the most challenging courses available to them including honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses. Recent admitted freshman profile information can be found on our About Maryland page.

Q: What do I need to submit for my application to be complete?

For an application to be complete, all items on the application checklist must be submitted and received by our office. Only completed applications will be reviewed and receive an admission decision.

Q: How do I submit application documents like letters of recommendation and transcripts?

In Common App, counselors/teachers you've added to your "Invite and Manage Recommenders" list will be able to electronically submit your official transcript(s) through the School Report in addition to your letters of recommendation. This can be completed even after you've submitted your UMD application.

In MyCoalition, counselors/teachers you've sent requests to will be able to electronically submit your official transcript(s) and letters of recommendation. The documents will appear in your Locker and from there you must attach them to your application in order for them to be submitted.

For a list of acceptable submission methods, review our Submitting Documents page. Items submitted outside of Common App or MyCoalition can take up to two weeks to process and reflect in your Terps Application Portal checklist.

Q: Can I submit more than two letters of recommendation?

Yes. UMD requires two letters of recommendation for a completed application: one from your school counselor and one from a teacher. If you have additional letters of recommendation you would like to submit, please feel free to do so.

Q: Is UMD test-optional?

As a result of the unprecedented disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, UMD recognizes that many students will not be able to access the SAT and ACT tests that are traditionally required in order to apply for admission. Therefore, UMD will be SAT/ACT optional for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 applicants. Additional information can be found on our Future Terps Updates page.

Q: Will UMD superscore my standardized test scores?

Yes, we superscore both the SAT and ACT. We use the highest subscores from the SAT and ACT in our review of your application, so it is to your benefit to submit all of your test scores. Please note that we will accept scores from the redesigned SAT, first administered in March 2016, but these scores will not be combined with scores from the old SAT.

Q: Is the writing portion of the SAT/ACT required? What about subject tests?

No, we do not require subject tests or scores from the writing sections of the SAT or ACT. Even if these scores are sent to us, they are not one of the 26 factors we review for admission.

Q: How do I know if my application materials have been received?

You can track your application status and confirm receipt of application materials online through the Terps Application Portal. You will receive an email after you submit your application with instructions on how to create a portal account. It may take up to two weeks for recently submitted materials to be listed as received on your checklist and it is the applicant's responsibility to confirm receipt of all required materials.

Q: I submitted my standardized test scores more than two weeks ago, but it does not appear that UMD received them. Why is that?

Standardized test scores can take several weeks to process and be received by our office. Please confirm that the testing agency submitted your scores to the University of Maryland, College Park, using the SAT code 5814 or ACT code 1746. Applicants often send their scores to other institutions in the University System of Maryland by mistake.

If your scores were sent to the University of Maryland, College Park, confirm that the first, middle and last names indicated on your test are the same as those used on your application. Different spellings can result in scores not matching with application files.

If you have confirmed both of these details and still have questions, please email us.

Q: If I submit new test scores and/or application materials after the deadline I am applying for, will they be reviewed with the rest of my application?

Only materials postmarked by the deadline will be reviewed for admission. We cannot guarantee that new scores or materials postmarked after the deadline will be reviewed as part of the application.

Q: I made an error with my social security number. What should I do?

If you listed the incorrect social security number on your application, please email us using the subject line SSN Error and we will provide you with next steps for resolving this issue. Do not include your corrected number or a copy of your card in your email to our office, but rather your full name and date of birth and then a message regarding the mistake.

Q: I have changes to my demographic information since submitting my application. How can I correct this?

Please email us using the subject line App Demo Changes. In the body of the email, please write your full name, date of birth and the high school you attend along with any demographic information that should be updated.

Q: How will I know when my admission decision is available for review?

We will send you an email to notify you when your admission decision is available to view in the Terps Application Portal. Follow the instructions listed in the email to view your admission decision online. For security purposes, please note that we cannot reveal admission decisions over the phone.

If you are offered admission to UMD, you will also receive a general welcome letter from our office in the mail a few days later.

Q: How do you evaluate college credit earned while in high school?

High school students are usually encouraged to take advanced-level classes in their school rather than earn college credit. We are most interested in how you have performed in high school. Admission decisions will be based primarily on factors typically submitted in the application, although college credit may be used as one additional piece of information.

Q: What is the cost of tuition?

Visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website to review the estimated tuition and fees for UMD.

Q: How do I apply for merit and need-based financial aid?

All students who apply by the November 1 early action deadline are automatically reviewed for all merit scholarships. No separate application is required. Students seeking need-based financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Q: When is the FAFSA deadline?

The deadline to submit the FAFSA is January 1. The school code for the University of Maryland is 002103. We encourage you to review our additional information on filling out the FAFSA.

Q: Outside of merit scholarships and submitting the FAFSA, what are other options for financing my education?

To learn more about all of your financial aid options, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Q: How and when will I find out if I received a scholarship?

For admitted students who applied by the November 1 early action deadline, financial aid decisions will be released electronically by April 1. Students awarded a merit scholarship will receive an email notification by April 1. Admitted students who applied by the January 20 regular deadline are not considered for merit scholarships.

Q: What are the residency requirements for in-state tuition?

In order to qualify for in-state tuition, a student must prove that they (or the parent/guardian of a financially dependent applicant) is a financially contributing citizen of the state of Maryland and has been so for at least one full year (12 consecutive months). To demonstrate eligibility for Maryland residency, students must submit the residency questionnaire portion of the admission application. Residency can be determined by factors such as holding a Maryland driver’s license, paying Maryland taxes and proving that the primary reason for living in Maryland is not to attend the university.

Q: I was classified as an out-of-state applicant. Can this be corrected?

Please review our residency reclassification policy to determine eligibility. You may need to submit additional documentation to request residency reconsideration. Please email if you are seeking to have your residency reclassified.

Q: I have a relative who is a veteran. Can these benefits be applied to my tuition costs?

You may be eligible to receive these benefits at UMD. Information regarding veteran benefits can be found on the Registrar website. 

We do not need proof of military service and other related documentation until after you are offered admission to the university. 


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