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Coalition FAQs

Review these frequently asked questions about the Coalition for College before contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Q: Why has the University of Maryland (UMD) chosen to be a part of the Coalition?

UMD, with more than 140 other public and private institutions, has joined the Coalition for College (the Coalition) because we are supportive of its mission to increase college access and affordability for all students. Also, the innovative platform is designed to assist all students by providing free resources and collaborative tools that will help them prepare for the college search and planning process. To learn more about the Coalition, watch this brief video.

Q: Does UMD use a single application portal?

Yes. As in years past, we only offer one application. UMD uses the application offered through the Coalition. We do not offer or accept paper applications.

Q: What are the main components that make up the Coalition's MyCoalition platform?

There are three main components of the MyCoalition platform: The Application Portal, the Locker and the Collaboration Space. The University of Maryland only requires applicants to utilize the Application Portal to submit their application. While students are encouraged to use the Locker and Collaboration Space to prepare for the admission process and get feedback from teachers and mentors, we do not require their use. UMD admissions staff will not review nor have access to the items in an individual student’s Locker. 

Q: When can I begin to use the MyCoalition platform?

Students can begin using the MyCoalition platform at any point in their high school career. Once students create their account, they can access the Locker and Collaboration Space to organize items for their college application. Get started by creating your profile today.

Q: How can I apply to UMD?

Students seeking freshman or transfer admission, or students seeking admission to the University of Maryland, College Park at Shady Grove should use the application provided the Coalition. 

Q: How do I share my MyCoalition profile information with the University of Maryland?

To share your contact information with UMD on the MyCoalition platform, you must first create an account and complete your profile. Profile information will later be transferred directly to your Coalition applications when you begin the application process. Once your profile is complete, you can search for University of Maryland on the Colleges tab and select "add to list". Once added, you will be asked if you would like to "opt-in" to sharing your contact information with the University of Maryland. We will receive this information and add you to our mailing list. 

Q: Will UMD be reviewing or giving feedback to documents in my Locker?

No. The Locker is a private space for students to invite their high school counselors, teachers and mentors to review documents prior to submitting these items as part of their application. UMD admissions staff do not have access to a student’s Locker and will not review application materials prior to their submission.

You can learn more about the Locker by watching the Coalition’s video overview.

Q: How do I submit application documents like letters of recommendation and transcripts through the Coalition?

The Coalition application has free, built-in tools that allow students to request that letters of recommendation and transcripts be sent directly from teachers and counselors to their desired schools. Students will be able to request and direct these items at any point in the application process, even after your application has been submitted. Once submitted by the teacher/counselor, the documents will appear in the student's Locker as received and can then be included when submitting the application, however, students cannot view or edit these items.

The University of Maryland will still accept application materials submitted through Naviance, Parchment and mail. For a list of acceptable submission methods, review our Submitting Documents page. Items submitted outside of the Coalition can take up to two weeks to process and reflect in your Checklist.

Q: What essay questions does UMD use on the application?

UMD will use the essay questions provided by the Coalition.

Q: What materials do I need to submit to complete the University of Maryland’s application?

Depending on whether the student is applying for freshman or transfer admission, and whether they are an international applicant, different materials are required. You can view what materials are required for a completed application by visiting our Application Checklists page. 

Q: Who should I contact if I'm experiencing technical challenges with the MyCoalition platform?

Coalition account creation, password issues and any challenges with the MyCoalition platform and tools should be directed to the Coalition via their ticketing system, or by using their in-platform help features. 

Application process and status questions should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via email

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